What is Beer & Analytics?

Beer & Analytics is a bi-annual event held in Ottawa and Toronto that connects the worlds of data analytics and craft beer in a unique fashion. Attendees gather to listen to a list of incredible speakers while enjoying local craft beer. A golden networking opportunity to network and learn more about best-in-class analytics – including AI that’s actually out of the lab. Our speakers highlight topics such as data visualization, trend prediction, identify fraud and help business users themselves discover hidden insights.

We hope you are as keen as we are to get back to normalcy, including getting back to attending events in-person! We can feel that the community overall has been yearning for social and networking interactions. After a successful return in October of 2021, Beer & Analytics is returning as a staple event in your calendar. We are even expanding our reach and bringing Beer & Analytics to Toronto for the first time ever in Summer 2022. Our upcoming events on May 4th, 2022 in Ottawa and June 22nd, 2022 in Toronto are the perfect opportunities to reunite and connect with those in the community who are similarly passionate about data analytics. Beer & Analytics is a fantastic event for everyone, no matter how you use data in your organization or your technical skill level. The learning and networking opportunities at these events will be beneficial to all, from the data scientist to the business user. And besides, it is a fantastic way to experience some of Ontario’s best local breweries all in one spot.

What's in it for me?

What is Quiet Events?

The upcoming Beer & Analytics events on May 4th, 2022 in Ottawa and June 22nd, 2022 in Toronto will feature many engaging speakers who specialize in data analytics and artificial intelligence. As Beer & Analytics is an event made for every type of data user, there will be an exciting mix of skills, talents, job titles, and organization types in the room. We are particularly excited to have the opportunity to expand Beer & Analytics into the Toronto community and engage with old and new passionate and bright minds. 

Who will be there?

Professional Development Credit

Beer & Analytics will certify attendees with a Professional Development Credit. Professional Development Credits ensure that professionals continue learning and remain current with technological developments in their industries. Attendees are responsible for submitting their own Professional Development Credit and can request a letter of attendance to submit with their credit.

“It’s not easy coordinating vendors, food and drink and a great atmosphere but this was bar-none the best networking event I have attended.”


Q: “Would you be interested in coming to the next event?”

A: “I don’t want to leave this one!!”


“Catching #beerandanalytics tonight. It’s like a Mensa Club’s taken over the local bar. High-calibre conversations!”


Words from our Attendees

“Like heaven.”


“What an awesome event. Feels great to be the part of this event a second time.”


“Fantastic idea to integrate quiet events headsets! You can socialize and hear pitch perfect talks.”


“I wanted to say thank you for organizing the Beer & Analytics event tonight. What a great networking opportunity and the format was excellent! You did an amazing job and next year I will be recommending this to so many others!”