Dominion City Brewing Co. aims to make delicious, boundary-pushing artisanal beer. They are serious about producing the best beer possible and we’d love to share it with you. The Dominion City Corner Store is also open for cans to-go, alongside a curated selection of bottles and cans of beer, wine and cider from our friends; independent Ontario producers.

Broadhead’s story starts with four friends, a collective passion for better beer, and a garage. Brewing off a 20L rig consisting of a pot, a propane stand and a few glass fermenters, the 4 broad-headed (aka big noggined) fellas honed their skills. Feedback was so positive that thirst quickly outgrew supply and the idea of opening a commercial brewery was born. With a fraction of the capital advised to take on a project of this magnitude, the founders banked on their engineering prowess to retrofit and repurpose equipment in combination with a whole lot of sweat equity and late nights. In the fall of 2011, Broadhead Brewery kicked its doors open to the public in Ottawa, Ontario.

Flora Hall Brewing is a neighbourhood gathering place designed from the ground up to welcome and delight our customers with delicious beer and food and warm service, all in a striking setting. Founder Dave Longbottom spent decades travelling the globe in other ventures, always seeking out the best local taverns and watering holes and sampling the drink, food and hospitality on offer. Flora Hall is the synthesis of these experiences, launched to provide Ottawa with a unique new drinking and eating locale, and built to last.

Perth Brewery is a family-run craft brewery. They are proudly dedicated to brewing fresh, all-natural quality beer from locally sourced ingredients with a focus on approachable taste and drinkability. From thirst-quenching lagers, pilsners & ambers to delicious IPAs, stouts and fun seasonals, you will find a beer for everyone. Their team is passionate about bringing a rich brewing tradition back to Perth and crafting beer that the community can be proud to call their own.

High Park Brewery was founded in 2015 from a passion for craft beer and love for our community. Giving back is at the core of what they represent which includes a commitment to sustainability, inclusion, and community involvement.

Founder Shehan De Silva, extensive traveler and beer aficionado, left a career in finance to follow his dream of creating a craft brewery promoting session style artisan brewing inspired by interesting beer styles from around the world. To immerse himself in the craft, Shehan traveled through Europe meeting with several breweries with centuries of brewing experience. Shehan connected with renowned Canadian brewmaster Jamie Mistry and Lost Craft was born.

In 2021, Lost Craft partnered with High Park Brewery establishing Toronto’s first collaborative Bricks & Mortar brewery. Located slightly north of High Park, it is the only craft brewery in Toronto that is a Certified B Corp.

The name Overflow Brewing Company stems from the word “flow”. The owners of the Brewery were inspired by the term and the many findings around the science of and secrets of being happy in life.  Flow, or the state of being “in the zone” or in “the state of Flow” is something that “everyone” is looking for in life. The science community as a whole describe Flow as the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. Everyone at Overflow Brewing Company are ultimately looking for that same fulfillment in life. Our Staff look forward to being challenged and using their skills; whether they are designing and brewing beer, or supporting one of the many large concerts we regularly host in our tasting room.

Like all good beer stories, this one starts out with two guys and a dream. Justin MacNeill and Marc Plante both started out independently as home brewers, and met through a fraternity of other local zymurgy enthusiasts in the Ottawa area. Their common passion for well-crafted beer, cool indie-music, and a desire to chase a dream led them to many discussions of ‘what if?’.

The Stray Dog Brewing Company is more than just craft beer; it represents the spirit of adventure and the courage to pursue the passions that enrich our lives. Many people choose to give up on their dreams because of fear of failure, but yearn for something more. Metaphorically, a lot of us feel chained up or held back in one form or another. These chains can be the result of external forces or they can be self-imposed. Justin and Marc had the will to break free from these chains and venture out into the unknown. The Stray Dog Brewing Company is about freedom to do what feels right, the defiance of a life of confinement, and taking the risk to do something great, even if it means leaving the security your current life offers.