Martin McGarry


Martin is President of Bronson Consulting and Bronson Analytics with over 20 years of project management and consulting experience within many of the largest and most complex organizations in the world, across a broad range of sectors. A true agent for change, Martin excels at bringing multi-disciplinary teams together in a knowledgeable, collaborative and candid manner.

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Beer & Analytics

Where it started

Beer & Analytics was established in 2018 by Martin McGarry of Bronson Consulting and Bronson Analytics. As Bronson Consulting Group was beginning to delve more and more into data analytics projects, Martin saw the opportunity to showcase some of the exciting software and tools to some of Bronson’s clients in an informative yet intimate setting. With a love for craft beer being a commonality amongst those from Ottawa, Beer & Analytics was founded to combine the worlds of data analytics and beer to drive home the fact that incorporating data into your organization can be done by any business user, at any level.

The first Beer &v Analytics event was hosted at the Landsdowne Horticulture Building and has since been hosted at breweries as well. In Summer 2022, Beer & Analytics will be travelling across the province for the first ever Toronto event.